Ability Secret Technique Chakra Consumption-Erase {0}% chance to reduce chakra consumed by Secret Techniques to 0.

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 10%

Card-0384 Card-0401 Card-0582 Card-0613 Card-0752 Card-0779 Card-0816


Maximum value 15%
Card-0409 Card-0610 Card-0817 Card-0826

Card-0410 Card-0719 Card-0818 Card-0825 Card-0827 Card-2001

Maximum value 20%
Card-0589 Card-0699 Card-0760

Card-0334 Card-0445 Card-0469 Card-0548 Card-0555 Card-0580 Card-0590 Card-0616 Card-0622 Card-0655 Card-0673 Card-0675 Card-0735 Card-0742

Card-0458 Card-0525 Card-0636

Maximum value 25%
Card-0329 Card-0811 Card-0846

Card-0330 Card-0764 Card-0796 Card-0812 Card-0847

Maximum value 30%
Card-0800 Card-0882 Card-0884

Card-0748 Card-0781 Card-0786 Card-0801 Card-0835 Card-0883 Card-0885 Card-2020

Maximum value 35%
Card-2014 Card-2042

Card-2015 Card-2043

Maximum value 50%
Card-2030 Card-2032
Card-0329 Card-0330 Card-0825: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 20%
Card-0536 Card-2016
Maximum value 30%
Card-0611 Card-0804
Maximum value 40%

Card-0505 Card-0700 Card-0761

Maximum value 45%


Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 50%


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