Ability Attack-Boost Boosts attack by {0}.

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 100
Card-0122 Card-0128 Card-0129

Card-0052 Card-0062 Card-0066 Card-0072 Card-0082 Card-0154 Card-0163 Card-0179 Card-0183 Card-0187 Card-0196 Card-0198 Card-0208

Card-0003 Card-0053 Card-0059 Card-0067 Card-0071 Card-0083 Card-0087 Card-0089 Card-0091 Card-0138 Card-0139 Card-0141 Card-0142 Card-0145 Card-0152 Card-0155 Card-0159 Card-0160 Card-0161 Card-0164 Card-0184 Card-0188 Card-0197 Card-0199 Card-0200 Card-0227 Card-0237 Card-0239 Card-0242 Card-0244 Card-0263 Card-0265 Card-0275 Card-0287 Card-0289 Card-0308 Card-0315 Card-0346 Card-0358 Card-0398 Card-0407 Card-0462 Card-0464 Card-0473 Card-0532 Card-0871

Card-0140 Card-0143 Card-0153 Card-0162 Card-0201 Card-0211 Card-0218 Card-0228 Card-0240 Card-0243 Card-0249 Card-0276 Card-0288 Card-0307 Card-0309 Card-0312 Card-0316 Card-0338 Card-0344 Card-0347 Card-0359 Card-0399 Card-0474 Card-0533 Card-0872

Maximum value 100/200
Maximum value 100/400
Maximum value 100/500
Card-0777 Card-0783 Card-0797 Card-0879 Card-0898 Card-2009 Card-2028 Card-2077 Card-2088
Maximum value 150
Card-0566 Card-0682 Card-0758

Card-0567 Card-0641 Card-0683 Card-0744 Card-0759

Maximum value 150/300
Maximum value 200
Card-0294 Card-0360 Card-0413 Card-0540 Card-0576 Card-0601 Card-0608 Card-0676 Card-0618 Card-0707 Card-0809

Card-0295 Card-0378 Card-0414 Card-0572 Card-0577 Card-0602 Card-0609 Card-0619 Card-0647 Card-0664 Card-0677 Card-0708 Card-0742 Card-0764 Card-0810


Maximum value 250

Card-0430 Card-0743

Card-0617 Card-0690

Maximum value 300
Card-0610 Card-0642

Card-0611 Card-0643 Card-0658

Maximum value 400

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 200

Card-0136 Card-0202

Card-0063 Card-0073 Card-0148 Card-0150 Card-0203 Card-0209 Card-0212 Card-0219 Card-0253 Card-0255 Card-0310 Card-0323 Card-0333 Card-0375 Card-0400 Card-0432 Card-0482 Card-0460 Card-0506 Card-0543 Card-0553 Card-0562 Card-0583

Card-0149 Card-0151 Card-0213 Card-0220 Card-0238 Card-0245 Card-0264 Card-0266 Card-0290 Card-0311 Card-0334 Card-0336 Card-0376 Card-0401 Card-0408 Card-0433 Card-0461 Card-0463 Card-0483 Card-0507 Card-0544 Card-0554 Card-0563 Card-0733 Card-2065

Maximum value 250
Card-0339 Card-0604 Card-0591 Card-0612

Card-0592 Card-0605 Card-0613

Maximum value 300
Card-0354 Card-0396 Card-0515 Card-0564 Card-0570 Card-0615 Card-0751

Card-0355 Card-0397 Card-0465 Card-0516 Card-0565 Card-0616 Card-0667 Card-0752


Maximum value 400
Card-0296 Card-0348 Card-0523

Card-0349 Card-0361 Card-0524 Card-0541

Card-2065 Missions only

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 300
Card-0229 Card-0425

Card-0230 Card-0254 Card-0256 Card-0426

Maximum value 400
Card-0324 Card-0584
Maximum value 450
Maximum value 500

Card-0441 Card-0571

Maximum value 600

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 400
Maximum value 500

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value 700

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