This status effect enhances a character's ability to land a critical hit, dealing a greater amount of damage.

F/B Skills

Field Skill

Boost critical rate by 1.1-1.6x
Card-0125 Card-0131 Card-0132 Card-0134

Card-0126 Card-0127 Card-0133

Card-0004 Card-0010 Card-0020 Card-0035 Card-0037 Card-0039 Card-0094 Card-0104

Boost critical rate by 1.2-1.7x
Card-0005 Card-0008 Card-0011 Card-0021 Card-0054 Card-0056 Card-0068 Card-0074 Card-0086 Card-0090 Card-0095 Card-0105 Card-0137 Card-0144 Card-0154 Card-0165 Card-0181 Card-0223

Card-0233 Card-0269 Card-0317

Boost critical rate by 1.3-1.8x
Card-0009 Card-0055 Card-0057 Card-0069 Card-0075 Card-0087 Card-0091 Card-0138 Card-0145 Card-0146 Card-0155 Card-0166 Card-0182 Card-0200 Card-0224 Card-0225 Card-0237Card-0279 Card-0308 Card-0346 Card-0352 Card-0425 Card-0466 Card-0468 Card-0482 Card-0506 Card-0545 Card-0570 Card-0640 Card-0886

Card-0234 Card-0270 Card-0318 Card-0738

Boost critical rate by 1.4-1.8x
Boost critical rate by 1.4-1.9x

Card-0147 Card-0201 Card-0226 Card-0238 Card-0280 Card-0309 Card-0347 Card-0353 Card-0426 Card-0467 Card-0483 Card-0499 Card-0507 Card-0546 Card-0571 Card-0572 Card-0641 Card-0663 Card-0887

Boost critical rate by 1.5-2x
Card-0469 Card-0487 Card-0586 Card-0764 Card-0819


Boost critical rate by 1.8-2x
Boost critical rate by 2-2.5x


Boost critical rate by 2.5-3x
Card-0673 Card-0801


Buddy Skill

Boost critical rate by 1.2x
Card-0125 Card-0131 Card-0132 Card-0134
Boost critical rate by 1.3x
Card-0127 Card-0133
Boost critical rate by 1.5x
Card-0010 Card-0035 Card-0037 Card-0039 Card-0104
Boost critical rate by 1.75x
Card-0116 Card-0118

Card-0011 Card-0054 Card-0056 Card-0060 Card-0066 Card-0068 Card-0086 Card-0105 Card-0137 Card-0179 Card-0205 Card-0216

Card-0227 Card-0239 Card-0248 Card-0287 Card-0317 Card-0506 Card-0553

Boost critical rate by 2x
Card-0117 Card-0119 Card-0208

Card-0055 Card-0057 Card-0061 Card-0067 Card-0069 Card-0087 Card-0138 Card-0139 Card-0148 Card-0167 Card-0180 Card-0206 Card-0217 Card-0244 Card-0263 Card-0302 Card-0362 Card-0377 Card-0396 Card-0407 Card-0411 Card-0219 Card-0442 Card-0482 Card-0515 Card-0545 Card-0581 Card-0596 Card-0657 Card-0716 Card-0862 Card-0865 Card-2057

Card-0228 Card-0240 Card-0288 Card-0318 Card-0249 Card-0507 Card-0554 Card-0614 Card-0675

Boost critical rate by 2.25x
Card-0209 Card-0468 Card-0486 Card-0573 Card-0585 Card-0601 Card-0773

Card-0140 Card-0149 Card-0168 Card-0207 Card-0220 Card-0245 Card-0264 Card-0303 Card-0363 Card-0372 Card-0378 Card-0397 Card-0408 Card-0412 Card-0443 Card-0483 Card-0499 Card-0516 Card-0546 Card-0555 Card-0582 Card-0597 Card-0658 Card-0717 Card-0718 Card-0738 Card-0789


Boost critical rate by 2.5x
Card-0329 Card-0775 Card-0826

Card-0469 Card-0487 Card-0574 Card-0586 Card-0602 Card-0743 Card-0774 Card-0814 Card-2077

Card-0575 Card-0603

Boost critical rate by 2.75x
Card-0330 Card-0776 Card-0827


Boost critical rate by 3x
Card-0777 Card-0797 Card-0858 Card-0863 Card-0866 Card-2058

Card-0864 Card-0867



Character Duration
Boost critical rate by 1.5x
Card-2010 Card-2011 3 turns

Sync Skills

The characters listed below will get a critical rate boost once the required sync skill is activated.

Character Boosted value
Sync With Heart


Sync With Skill


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