Boss missions are difficult missions which has a chance of obtaining a new characters along with certain Awakening Materials to awaken certain Blazing-Fest characters.
The Mist Demon Banner The Mist Demon
Endless Sand Shurado Banner Endless Sand Shurado
The Leaf's Handsome Devil Banner The Leaf's Handsome Devil
Red Eyes, Burdened with Fate Banner Red Eyes, Burdened with Fate

Trials are special missions which has a chance of obtaining Limit Break Materials to Limit Break compatible characters to give them a boost in health and strength. Note that friends cannot fight alongside you during Trials and Ninja Pearls cannot be used to continues in any stages. With the Trail Overhauls update, these missions have been removed and replaced, and any limit break crystals you might have obtained from this even can now be purchased at the Trial Coin Exchange Shop.
Trials Prove Your Ability Banner Trials: Prove Your Ability
Trials Seeker of the Forbidden Banner Trials: Seeker of the Forbidden
Trials Sparring with the Sage Banner Trials: Sparring with the Sage
Trials The Legendary Gambler Banner Trials: The Legendary Gambler
Trials Training in a Flash Banner Trials: Training in a Flash
Trials Training the Next Generation Banner Trials: Training the Next Generation

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