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Ferocious Beads
"Devoted to Studies"
Release Date
Japan icon.png Japan Global icon.png Global
March 26, 2019 April 2, 2019
No. Element Rarity Max Level
1191 Heart icon.png ★★★★☆ 50
Range Luck Cost
Stat Base Max + Value
Icon Health.png Health 1 (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 1 (+ 0)
How to Obtain Additional Information
Super Impact! Secrets of the Ninshu Banner.png Use to Blazing Awaken Card-0789.png\Card-0790.png.
Required Awakening Materials Awaken to
Card-1191.png Card-1191.png Card-1191.png Card-1191.png Card-1191.png Card-1192.png
Arrow-Left.png Card-1190.png
Card-1192.png Arrow-Right.png
By Rarity Red.png
1 Star Rarity.png
2 Star Rarity.png
3 Star Rarity.png
4 Star Rarity.png
5 Star Rarity.png
6 Star Rarity.png
6 Star (BA) Rarity.png

By Element Red.png
Heart icon.png
Skill icon.png
Body icon.png
Bravery icon.png
Wisdom icon.png

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