"Proclaimed Faith"
Release Date
Japan icon.png Japan Global icon.png Global
September 26, 2019 October 3, 2019
No. Element Rarity Max Level
879 Body icon.png ★★★★★★ 100
Range Luck Cost
Long 10 → 99 120 → 72
Affiliation Hit Count
Sand icon.png 1
Stat Base Max + Value + Abilities
Icon Health.png Health 553 1106 (+ 300) (+ 100)
Icon Strength.png Strength 918 1836 (+ 100) (+ 100)
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Icon Health.png Health 17696 35392 (+ 300) (+ 10000)
Icon Strength.png Strength 1377 2754 (+ 100) (+ 500)
Icon Speed.png Speed 157 314 (+ 30) (+ 0)
F/B Skills
Field Skill Buddy Skill
Reduces enemy(s) Speed by 15-30. Boosts Speed by 25.
Sync Skills
1 Sync With Body Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 30% (excluding Field Effects and F Skills).
2 Sync With Sand Lowers rate of getting chakra recovery sealed by 30% (excluding Field Effects and F Skills).
3 Sync With Long Range Nullifies attack weakened (excluding Field Effects and F Skills). *Does not remove attack weakened if already afflicted
1 Ability Health-Boost.png Health Boost Boosts health by 100/10000.
2 Ability Attack-Boost.png Attack Boost Boosts attack by 100/500.
3 Ability Immobilization-Resistance.png Nullifies Immobilization Nullifies immobilization (not Field Effects & F Skills).
4 Ability Ignore Knock Back.png Nullifies Knock Back Nullifies Ninjutsu/Secret Technique knock back and draw.
Ninjutsu: Sand Shower
Missions 5x attack toward all enemies in range. Chakra Required: 4
NWUS 6x attack toward all enemies in range. Also forces Back Row enemy to swap with Front Row enemy, and seals switching for 6 turn(s). Gives you 30% damage reduction for 3 second(s).
Secret Technique: Giant Layered Sand Burial
Missions Removes Perfect Dodge for 1 enemy(s) in range and ignores Substitution with 12.7x attack toward them. Chakra Required: 8
NWUS Removes Perfect Dodge for 1 enemy(s) in range and ignores Substitution with 16x attack toward them, 100% chance of jutsu sealing for 6 second(s) and/or immobilization for 3 second(s) each.
Jutsu Data
Jutsu Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 7 H. Rectangle (1/3) Long Right
Secret Tech. 10 Circle Long Right
Jutsu Video
Status Effects
Self Icon-Reduce Damage.png Support
Enemy Icon-Force Switch.png Icon-Switch Seal.png Icon-Jutsu Seal.png Icon-Immobilization.png F/B Skill Icon-Speed Reduction.png Icon-Speed Boost.png
Jutsu Icon-Remove Perfect Dodge.png Icon-Ignore Substitution.png Sync Skill Icon-Jutsu Sealing Resistance.png Icon-Chakra Recovery Seal Resistance.png Icon-Nullify Attack Weakened.png
How to Obtain Additional Information
Official Ninja World Ultimate Showdown Five Kage League #2 Reward This character can only be enhanced by Card-1188.png.
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6 Star (BA) Rarity.png
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7 Star (BA) Rarity.png
7 Star (Legend) Rarity.png

Arrow-Left.png Card-0878.png
Card-0880.png Arrow-Right.png
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