Ability Health-Boost Boosts health by {0}.

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value: 100/500

Card-0124 Card-0127

Card-0001 Card-0014 Card-0025 Card-0028 Card-0029 Card-0032 Card-0033 Card-0034 Card-0039 Card-0040 Card-0098 Card-0116

Card-0008 Card-0015 Card-0021 Card-0054 Card-0058 Card-0068 Card-0072 Card-0076 Card-0080 Card-0082 Card-0084 Card-0086 Card-0088 Card-0095 Card-0099 Card-0113 Card-0117 Card-0144 Card-0165 Card-0192 Card-0194

Card-0009 Card-0050 Card-0053 Card-0055 Card-0057 Card-0059 Card-0073 Card-0081 Card-0083 Card-0085 Card-0087 Card-0089 Card-0142 Card-0145 Card-0161 Card-0166 Card-0193 Card-0197 Card-0200 Card-0227 Card-0239 Card-0242 Card-0244 Card-0248 Card-0277 Card-0279 Card-0337 Card-0339 Card-0396 Card-0484 Card-0526 Card-0871

Card-0143 Card-0162 Card-0201 Card-0218 Card-0228 Card-0240 Card-0243 Card-0245 Card-0249 Card-0278 Card-0280 Card-0305 Card-0338 Card-0340 Card-0485 Card-0527 Card-0872

Maximum value: 100/10000
Card-0879 Card-2009 Card-2028 Card-2054 Card-2065
Maximum value: 100/15000
Maximum value: 150/7500
Card-0783 Card-0814
Maximum value: 200


Maximum value: 200/400
Card-0640 Card-0676 Card-0712

Card-0641 Card-0677

Maximum value: 200/1000
Card-0377 Card-0413 Card-0496 Card-0537 Card-0564

Card-0367 Card-0378 Card-0414 Card-0497 Card-0533 Card-0538 Card-0565 Card-0663

Maximum value: 200/10000
Maximum value: 200/11000
Maximum value: 250/12500
Card-0797 Card-2077

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value: 200/1000
Card-0114 Card-0135

Card-0002 Card-0115 Card-0136 Card-0169 Card-0181 Card-0205

Card-0003 Card-0069 Card-0077 Card-0170 Card-0182 Card-0191 Card-0195 Card-0210 Card-0233 Card-0251 Card-0253 Card-0269 Card-0298 Card-0300 Card-0387 Card-0398 Card-0423 Card-0442 Card-0500 Card-0583

Card-0051 Card-0211 Card-0234 Card-0252 Card-0254 Card-0270 Card-0299 Card-0301 Card-0388 Card-0399 Card-0424 Card-0443 Card-0501 Card-0584

Maximum value: 200/7500
Maximum value: 200/20000
Maximum value: 300/1500
Card-0323 Card-0464 Card-0493

Card-0324 Card-0397 Card-0465 Card-0494

Maximum value: 400/800
Card-0685 Card-2078

Card-0686 Card-0713 Card-2079

Maximum value: 400/2000
Card-0294 Card-0296 Card-0368 Card-0444 Card-0517

Card-0297 Card-0369 Card-0445 Card-0518 Card-0519 Card-0595

Maximum value: 400/25000

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value: 300/1500


Maximum value: 600/3000

Character(s) who have this ability
Maximum value: 400/2000

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