Card-0116 Hiashi Hyuga
"A Strict Leader"
No. Element Range Rarity Max Level Cost
116 Heart icon Short ★★★☆ 30 6/5
Status Portrait-0116
Min Max + Value
Health 251 502 (+ 50)
Strength 230 460 (+ 25)
Luck 10 40
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Min Max + Value
Health 5271 10542 (+ 50)
Strength 460 920 (+ 25)
Speed 72 144 (+ 15)
F/B Skills Field Skill Reduces an enemy's chance to counter by 8%-16%.
Buddy Skill Boosts critical rate by 1.75x.
Ability Health-Boost Health Boost Boosts health by 100/500.
Ability Jutsu Sealing-Boost Jutsu Sealing Rate Boost Boosts rate of jutsu sealing by 10%.
Ninjutsu: 8 Trigrams Air Palm
Missions 3x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range, 25% chance of jutsu sealing for 2 turn(s). Chakra Required: 5
NWUS 3x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range and 25% chance of jutsu sealing for 2 second(s).
Character Data
Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 4 H. Rectangle Vast Right
Other Normal Hit Count: 1 Affiliation: Hidden Leaf icon Availability: Global icon Japan icon
Status Effects Self: Support:
Enemy: Icon-Jutsu Seal F/B Skill: Icon-Counter Sensor Icon-Critical Rate Boost
Jutsu: Sync Skill:
Awakening Materials Awaken to
Card-0900 Card-0900 Card-0900 No material No material Card-0117
How to Obtain Rare Summon
Additional Information N/A
Arrow-Left Card-0115
Card-0117 Arrow-Right
By Rarity Red
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2 Star Rarity
3 Star Rarity
4 Star Rarity
5 Star Rarity
6 Star Rarity
6 Star (BA) Rarity

By Element Red
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