These are characters whose Ninjutsu or Secret Technique will ignore any damage reduction effects on an attacked enemy.

List of characters

Ninjutsu only

Card-0734 Card-0780 Card-0787 Card-0802 Card-0862 Card-0891 Card-2002 Card-2012 Card-2026

Card-0781 Card-0803 Card-0836 Card-0851 Card-0863 Card-0892

Card-0726 Card-0772

Card-0891 Card-0892: Missions only
Card-2012 Card-2026 Card-0726 Card-0772: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Secret Technique only

Card-0786 Card-0810Card-0814 Card-0857 Card-0887 Card-0890 Card-0898 Card-2007 Card-2027 Card-2028 Card-2030 Card-2032

Card-0769 Card-0794 Card-2005 Card-2008

Card-2027: Missions only
Card-0814 Card-0769 :Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Both Ninjutsu and Secret Technique

Card-0735 Card-0788 Card-2003 Card-2013 Card-2027


Card-2013 Card-2027 Card-0709: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only
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