These listed characters have a Sync Skill or Ninjutsu/Secret Technique that ignores an enemy's chance to evade with a substitution jutsu and deals direct damage.

List of characters

Ninjutsu only

Card-0460 Card-0576 Card-0589 Card-0608 Card-0627 Card-0659 Card-0734 Card-0747 Card-0760 Card-0800 Card-0846 Card-0854

Card-0461 Card-0577 Card-0609 Card-0628 Card-0783

Card-0636 Card-0726

Card-0636 Card-0726: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Secret Technique only

Card-0426 Card-0428 Card-0477 Card-0487 Card-0565 Card-0594 Card-0611 Card-0638 Card-0700 Card-0705 Card-0746 Card-0791 Card-0808 Card-0814 Card-0816 Card-0833 Card-0840

Card-0578 Card-0603 Card-0620 Card-0639 Card-0782 Card-0805 Card-0837

Card-0816 Missions only
Card-0814 Card-0833 Card-0578 Card-0782: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Both Ninjutsu and Secret Technique

Card-0590 Card-0660 Card-0735 Card-0748 Card-0761 Card-0801 Card-0804 Card-0847 Card-0855


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