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Release Date
Japan icon Japan Global icon Global
July 17, 2018 July 24, 2018

Rank Stamina Boss Element Ryo REXP CEXP Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3 Lucky Drop
Stage 1: Eyes Behind the Mask [SS]
Mission difficulty icon ss 50 Card-0647 Body icon 25000 13000 17500 Card-1145 Card-1146 Card-0647 Card-0647, Card-1145, or Card-1146

Special Reward Condition
Rank # Condition Reward
Mission difficulty icon ss 1 Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using a three person Combination Card-1142 x1
2 Reduce the boss' HP to 0 using Ninjutsu Card-1142 x1
3 Complete within 50 turns NP icon large x10

Additional Information
  • Card-0647 drops with a luck of 10.
  • No Continues are allowed in this mission.
  • 1 Ninja Pearl (NP icon) can be earned each for completing the mission.
  • 1 Ninja Pearl (NP icon) can be earned each for completing the drop acquisition requirements.
  • 10 Ninja Pearls (NP icon) can be earned for completing the third special reward condition.

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