Kakashi Hatake
"Copier of 1K Techniques" Limit-break.png
Release Date
Japan icon.png Japan Global icon.png Global
July 14, 2016 August 24, 2016
No. Element Rarity Max Level
49 Bravery icon.png ★★★★★★ 100 → 150
Range Luck Cost
Mid 10 → 99 50 → 25
Affiliation Hit Count
Hidden Leaf icon.png 2
Stat Base Max Max Limit-break.png + Value + Abilities
Icon Health.png Health 612 1224 2058 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 574 1147 1776 (+ 100) (+ 0)
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Icon Health.png Health 10498 20995 35445 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 863 1727 2664 (+ 100) (+ 0)
Icon Speed.png Speed 124 248 268 (+ 30) (+ 0)
F/B Skills
Field Skill Buddy Skill
Reduces an enemy's chance to counter by 11%-22%. Reduces Bravery-elemental damage by 30%.
Sync Skills
1 Sync With Bravery Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 20%.
2 Sync With Hidden Leaf Boosts attack by 100/200.
1 Ability Attack-Combo.png Combination Attack Boost Boosts attack by 1.1x during Combinations.
2 Ability Attack Reduction-Boost.png Attack Reduction Rate Boost Boosts rate of attack reduction by 10%.
3 Ability Substitution Jutsu.png Substitution Jutsu 5% chance of dodging a physical attack (Not slip damage).
4 Ability Critical Rate-Boost.png Critical Rate Boost Boosts critical rate by 1.5x.
5 Ability Attack-Combo.png Combination Attack Boost Boosts attack by 1.1x during Combinations.
Ninjutsu: Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu
2.2x attack toward all enemies in range, 40% chance of reducing their attack for 5 turn(s). Chakra Required: 5
Secret Technique: Lightning Blade
7.2x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range. Chakra Required: 10
Jutsu Data
Jutsu Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 6 H. Rectangle Vast Right
Secret Tech. 5 Cross (+) Long Center
Status Effects
Self Support
Enemy Icon-Attack Reduction.png F/B Skill Icon-Counter Sensor.png Icon-Reduce Damage-Bravery.png
Jutsu Sync Skill Icon-Reduce Damage-Wisdom.png Icon-Attack Boost.png
How to Obtain Additional Information
Awaken Card-0048.png ►Enemy's attack is reduced by 15% with his Ninjutsu.
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7 Star (Legend) Rarity.png

Arrow-Left.png Card-0048.png
Card-0050.png Arrow-Right.png
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