Card-0101 Konohamaru Sarutobi
"The Third's Last Stand"
No. Element Range Rarity Max Level Cost
101 Bravery icon Mid ★★★★ 50 12/9
Status Portrait-0100
Min Max + Value
Health 280 560 (+ 100)
Strength 270 540 (+ 50)
Luck 10 60
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Min Max + Value
Health 4200 8400 (+ 100)
Strength 378 756 (+ 50)
Speed 148 295 (+ 20)
F/B Skills Field Skill Boosts attack by 70-140.
Buddy Skill Reduces the chance of your attack being reduced by 15% (Not Field Skills).
Ability Attack Reduction-Boost Attack Reduction Rate Boost Boosts rate of attack reduction by 10%.
Ability Critical Rate-Combo Combination Critical Rate Boost Boosts critical rate by 1.75x during Combinations.
Ability Attack-Combo Combination Attack Boost Boosts attack by 1.1x during Combinations.
Ninjutsu: Sexy Jutsu
80% chance of reducing the attack of all enemies in range for 5 turn(s). Chakra Required: 3
Character Data
Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu Circle Mid Center
Other Normal Hit Count: 1 Affiliation: Hidden Leaf icon Availability: Global icon Japan icon
Status Effects Self: Support:
Enemy: Icon-Attack Reduction F/B Skill: Icon-Attack Boost Icon-Attack Reduction Resistance
Jutsu: Sync Skill:
How to Obtain ►Awaken Konohamaru Sarutobi "The Third's Last Stand" (★3)
►Very Rare Summon
Additional Information N/A
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