Mei Terumi
"Enticing Charm"
Release Date
Japan icon Japan Global icon Global
February 13, 2019 February 19, 2019
No. Element Rarity Max Level
764 Body icon ★★★★★★ 100
Range Luck Cost
Short 17 → 99 45 → 23
Affiliation Hit Count
Mist icon 1
Stat Base Max + Value + Abilities
Icon Health Health 813 1626 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength Strength 780 1560 (+ 100) (+ 200)
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Icon Health Health 13821 27642 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength Strength 1170 2340 (+ 100) (+ 200)
Icon Speed Speed 89 178 (+ 30) (+ 0)
F/B Skills
Field Skill Buddy Skill
Boosts critical rate by 1.5-2x. Boosts Body attacks by 350.
Sync Skills
1 Sync With Body Reduces Heart damage taken by 15%.
2 Sync With Mist Restores 50/250 health every turn.
1 Ability Nullify Chakra Reduction Field Effect Nullifies Chakra Reduction Field Effect Nullifies Chakra Reduction Field Effect.
2 Ability Self-Healing Self-Healing Restores 150/300 health every turn.
3 Ability Self-Healing Self-Healing Restores 200/400 health every turn.
4 Ability Attack-Boost Attack Boost Boosts attack by 200.
5 Ability Secret Technique Chakra Consumption-Erase 0 Chakra Req'd for Secret Technique 25% chance to reduce chakra consumed by Secret Techniques to 0.
Ninjutsu: Water Style: Flowing Whip
4x attack to 1 enemy(s) in range (7x attack if they are immobilized) and knocks them back. Chakra Required: 5
Secret Technique: Chocolate Rumble
Missions 11x attack toward all enemies in range with a 10% chance of immobilization for 3 turn(s). Restores own Chakra Gauge by 4. Chakra Required: 10
NWUS 11x attack toward all enemies in range with a 30% chance of immobilization for 2 second(s). Restores own Chakra Gauge by 3.
Jutsu Data
Jutsu Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 14 H. Rectangle (Fat) Short Right
Secret Tech. 14 Circle Short Center
Jutsu Video
Status Effects
Self Icon-Chakra Recovery Support
Enemy Icon-Immobilization F/B Skill Icon-Critical Rate Boost Icon-Body Attack Boost
Jutsu Icon-Status Ailment Damage Boost Icon-Knockback Sync Skill Icon-Reduce Damage-Heart Icon-Health Recovery
How to Obtain Additional Information
Phantom Castle #30 Reward
Phantom Castle #35 reward
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