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  • Hey CardFire10000,

    Do you think you can the info for Card-0826, Card-0827, and Card-0828 regarding his stats, juutsu and total hit count? I see that you managed to add Itachi's info and I was wondering if you can do the same for Kisame.

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  • Are you still unable to update the tier list?

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    • CardFire10000 wrote:
      Perfect, I'll teach you!

      To put images in a Tier List, you need to use the image tag, like so:


      You need to include "File" and then a colon. Once this is done, enter the image file. This is the Encyclopedia Number 0334 = Madara Uchiha "The Vilest Name" 6 star. The next line is the size of the image. Something like

      (double rectangle bracket) File: Card-0334.png (vertical line) 75px (double rectangle closing bracket)

      The one below is just a link to the page, where the next line is the text shown, with a colour. Do tell me who would you want to enter! I have an entire list.

      Madara Uchiha "The Vilest Name"

      (double rectangle bracket) Madara_Uchiha_"The_Vilest_Name"_(★6) (vertical line) Madara Uchiha "The Vilest Name" (double rectangle closing bracket)

      So would this be correct:


      File:Card-0748.png| 75px]]

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    • Yup, should be.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • point is i wanna help, like really bad. i'll be a dedicated helper will litterally infinite time on my hands. my discord name is Kinsomniac P.

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  • Hello! I'm not too busy as of late and I'd love to help with the tier list if you'd have me.

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    • Why sure thing!


      Nah, it's a joke. However, I'd like to welcome you to the team! (which only has me...)

      Plans are like this: we're planning to add on to the Tier List, make an Archetype set for PvP, while trying to keep up with whatever new units are coming out. What should we do?

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    • If you're not already on the r/NarutoBlazing discord (, you could join it just so it's easier for everyone involved to talk, and for the community to give their input too. I think the easiest way to go about this is to make a spreadsheet or something just so we can throw down all the units and start to organize them for the tiers

      (If you join the discord I'll be "EverbrightENG")

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    • I'll do that right now.

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    • Could we make a seperate channel on the discord just for the tier list?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Saw from FusionNovaFlare's message wall that you've apparently started making a tier list/ ranking system for this site. How often do you plan on updating it?

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    • I'll be planning on updating it when I'm free. Usually, I'll update daily, but sometimes I might be busy. Perhaps if you want, you could help!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sakura: 360dmg, mid, 28,900 HP 2 (begin),1,1,Recovery 1 (heals 3000) long range, field skill crit rate boost 6x, heals self is no one is around

    Sai: 380 dmg, long, 34,500 HP, 1,1,danger 2 long rectangle 760dmg, field skill atk boost 150-300

    Yamato: 360dmg, short, 30,000 HP, 2(begin),2,danger 2 1152 dmg fat short rectangle,1,2,danger 2, repeat from 1, field skill damage resistance 25%-50%

    map 1 has drop pill rate

    Grunt: 300 dmg, long range, 26,400 HP, 1,2,danger 1 (fat rectangle) 690 dmg aoe, dmg resistance 50%

    Orochimaru: 30,000 HP, 350 dmg, mid, 1,2,danger 2 (cross), 1120 dmg, atk boost 150-300

    Kabuto: 30,000 HP, 350dmg, mid, 1,1,recovery 1 (heal 3000), crit rate boost 6x, heals self is no one is around

    Naruto: 630 dmg, 163,000 HP 2 turn or 1 turn, 3 danger 3780 dmg stays where he is, or 3 secret tech 6300 dmg stays where he is, 3 danger has vast range, 3 secret tech has vast super fat h.rectangle resist immobilization, slip dmg

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • This example is from THEE worst character in the game, Shisui Uchiha "Entrusted Wish".

    Shisui Uchiha "Entrusted Wish"

    Overall stats: Mid-range, 1,100 DMG. With abilities, he could only barely touch 1,400 DMG. His HP for a Mid-range is also horrible, with 1,400 HP, boosted only to a maximum of 1,800 HP. His chakra cost: dismal, 7/14. MtC? 0.5, SINGLE TARGET, absolutely horrible. He can't nuke right! No status effects too? No variations in Jutsu? Both the Jutsu and Secret Technique deal exactly the same damage, except one is over two turns and has a miniscule-ly higher chance to crit one out of two times. Even then, this is considered horrible for a Mid-range. He's also a BRV unit - a place where every - single - character - is OP. Not to mention, those hitboxes for his Jutsus are terrible too, with his JUTSU having 1 extra hit over his ULTIMATE. His SPD can be something, but his chakra cost destroys that SPD. He's also easily outsped by literally many other characters (in the meta) as a BRV unit. If I highball it, I can spare 0.4. If I want to be a real judge, I'd give a 0.2. Unforgiveable.

    Abilities, Sync Skills, etc: The first three abilities are useless. Counter Sensor works more effectively with more Abilities, same with Crtiical Rate Boost. Combination Attack Boost is also useless and absolutely horrible as an ability, if only there were more or a higher multiplier. The fourth and fifth still are lousy, but they work a bit better. Boosts HP and ATK by 100 respectively. His Sync Skills don't provide any more support as is, with a forgetable Field Skill and a Buddy Skill that serves only a niche purpose. As much as I like to criticize more, that's all. 0.3 at best.

    Utility: He has absolutely no utility whatsoever, and being in a type that has every other OP ability, he's a guaranteed pass over for something else. His redeeming trait is his ability to reduce Immobilization chances, but that's as far as it can go. Counter Chances are still useless, and he can't nuke, neither can he tank. His only role is a Support, and even then his game is WEAK. Easily passed for someone else. 0.2.

    Usage in PvE: Obviously, a lot of stalling required to at least pull off a Jutsu. Saving for a Secret Technique is equal to having two Jutsu, without any difference in style. He's equivalent to a 5★ version of himself, except he's falsely branded as a 6★. If you ask me, his usage in PvE is dismal, if not negligible. He offers nothing to the team and is a waste of Team Cost space. He's 65/33, EASILY PASSED for someone who is 60/30, like Konan (who is an excellent Mid-Range Minitank Nuker) or Naruto "Child of the Prophecy" (he performs 100x better than Shisui in this case, even without Limit Break.). Easily replacable. 0!

    Usage in PvP: His 7/14 chakra cost is too hard to pull off, even with consistent Ultra Combos, a bad MtC and damage output makes him literally not viable for the entirety of the PvP match. He's a free kill, at 24k HP, while his SPD is OK, but the unit gives more pain by simply costing him way too high for a Jutsu that does negligible damage. Use him in PvP and it's guaranteed One Life Taken. 0!

    Total: 0.9 (and this is an up-play). Verdict: He's rubbish. Simply, a 5★ character promoted as a 6★. Even with a Limit Break he's never going to be viable, since his Chakra Cost and lackluster abilities prove to be his utter demise. You could collect him for the laughs, but other than that, he is a white elephant - nothing short of a disappointment to the Uchiha clan.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Tier List breaks down into five categories, each 2 points

    Overall Stats - 2

    > This is the basic slot. Everything about the character, range, HP, ATK, typing, chakra cost, Multiplier-to-chakra ratio, multipliers, Jutsu range, everything. If the character is a Short Range but deals 1,100 ATK damage for a Short Range, with a dismal HP stat, and a super high chakra cost, it's a guaranteed 0.

    Abilities, Sync Skills, etc - 2

    > Abilities and Sync Skills, with Field Skills and Buddy Skills, to display how well a character would be with abilities unlocked, and Sync Skills activated, and Field Skills and Buddy Skills stated. If the character's abilities and Sync Skills do nothing more than be cannon fodder, this set would be a 0.

    Utility/Fit-Viability - 2

    > How well the character, with the above Stats and Abilities and whatnot, fits into the archetype he/she is positioned as. If the character has visibly lousy utility and fit-viability, he/she is guaranteed a 0.

    Usability in PvE - 2

    > How well would a character be used in any PvE matchup, teams, current fights, etc. Would he/she be good and easy to use? Does one need to stall a lot? Cycle? Healing makes a great medic or Immobilization resistance being the peak of the game? If the character in question is absolutely clunky, it's a 0.

    Usability in PvP - 2

    > How well would a character do in any PvP matchup. Current meta, utility, threat posing, etc. Would this character cycle chakra easily? Does he or she have a trump card from the Jutsu that makes them unique? If one has nothing from this sort, their PvP play is horrendous, it's a 0.

    Example Naruto "Seal of Light"

    Overall stats: Awesome damage output for Mid-range, good HP, 5/10 chakra if abilities unlocked, and for that damage, he has an MtC of over 1, with his Ultimate being AoE. His SPD is not so bad, capping at 239, and with Speed Piills at 269. Decent, but not as fast. However, for a BF character, he's fast enough. 1.9!

    Abilities, Sync Skills, etc: He has powerful abilities, giving him the extra role of a WIS tank, chakra cycler, supermedic, in addition to his already explosive gameplay. The only fallback is his Immobilization resistance. It would be better if it were Jutsu Seal, but Immobilization is good too. 1.9.

    Utility: He fits many, MANY roles at once. He is a Nuker, Tank, Support, Medic all in one, with the ability to Ultra Combo from his Jutsu, and having both of them Negate Barrier and his Ultimate ignore Perfect Dodge and Substitution. He also has 5/10 chakra with all abilities, and even with a single Jutsu he can reliably nuke any character, while healing 800 total, blocking 40% (and 60% in mono-BRV unit runs), 20% dodge chance when as a buddy, Immobilization resistance and remove all Wildcard Status Effects (Barrier, Substitution and Perfect Dodge). 2!

    Usage in PvE: He's probably the most streamlined character who adds too much to your BRV team. He heals, he destroys, he even stops. All WIS fights, LOOK OUT FOR THIS GUY!! Naruto will TEAR YOU APART. Only drawback is his 5/10 chakra cost, which means a bit more stalling. 1.9.

    Usage in PvP: 5/10 chakra cost is bad, but once you get an Ultra Combo, he instantly destroys any WIS unit easily! His Damage Output combined with a very high Multiplier = devastating damage at 34k to any WIS unit minus DMG reduction, with an extra effect of Ultra Combo-ing and giving back chakra to the enemy team. While his SPD makes him a bit slower, he eats all WIS attacks easily, and if Sync'd with BRV, he WILL demolish all WIS types, even Choji. A small drawback is his inability to bypass Substitution as Jutsu, and he will never get his Ultimate in due time. He's best used as a 1-time nuker, and then a tank. 1.8.

    Total: 9.5. Verdict: Naruto "Seal of Light" is a guaranteed MUST PULL. He brings a lot to the table, and will GUARANTEE your BRV team upping levels by a lot. I certainly don't have abilities off him, but when I play with him in PvE (friends) or against him in PvP, his Jutsus send shivers down my spine, being the absolute pinnacle of a perfect character with so little flaws it's hard to counter!

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