Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Wikia
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Wikia
Naruto Uzumaki
"As a Friend" Limit-break.png
Release Date
Japan icon.png Japan Global icon.png Global
August 14, 2018 August 21, 2018
No. Element Rarity Max Level
660 Heart icon.png ★★★★★★ 100 → 150
Range Luck Cost
Vast 10 → 99 100 → 40
Affiliation Hit Count
Hidden Leaf icon.png Ninja Alliance icon.png 2
Stat Base Max Max Limit-break.png + Value + Abilities
Icon Health.png Health 1184 2368 3002 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 726 1452 2088 (+ 100) (+ 0)
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Icon Health.png Health 22496 44992 57038 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 1162 2323 3340 (+ 100) (+ 0)
Icon Speed.png Speed 139 277 317 (+ 30) (+ 0)
F/B Skills
Field Skill Buddy Skill
Boosts Heart attacks by 15-750. Boosts attack by 300.
Sync Skills
1 Sync With Hidden Leaf Nullifies jutsu sealing (excluding Field Effects and F Skills). *Does not remove jutsu seal if already afflicted.
2 Sync With Ninja Alliance Boosts attack by 200/400.
3 Sync With All Except Heart Restores 125/625 health every turn.
4 Sync With Heart Reduces Body damage taken by 25%.
1 Ability Reduce Damage-Bravery.png Reduce Bravery Damage Reduces Bravery damage taken by 40%.
2 Ability Reduce Damage-Wisdom.png Reduce Wisdom Damage Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 40%.
3 Ability Critical Rate-Boost.png Critical Rate Boost Boosts critical rate by 4x.
4 Ability Chakra Recovery-Damage.png Chakra Recovery When Receiving Direct Attacks 10% chance of restoring 1 Chakra Gauge when receiving direct attacks.
5 Ability Self-Healing.png Self-Healing Restores 750/1500 health every turn.
6 Ability Chakra Boost-Mission.png Chakra Boost when mission begins Add 4 chakra gauge when a mission battle begins.
Ability Ninjutsu Chakra Consumption-Erase.png 0 Chakra Req'd for Ninjutsu 25% chance to reduce chakra consumed by Ninjutsu to 0.
Ninjutsu: Six Paths: Massive Rasen Shuriken
Missions Ignore Substitution for all enemies in range with 8x attack toward them, and knocks them back. Chakra Required: 4
NWUS Ignore Substitution for all enemies in range with 6.5x attack toward them, and knocks them back.
Secret Technique: Rasengan
Missions Removes Perfect Dodge, Attack Boost, and Barrier for 1 enemy(s) in range and ignores Substitution with 30x attack toward them, knocking them back. Chakra Required: 8
NWUS Removes Perfect Dodge, Attack Boost, and Barrier for 1 enemy(s) in range and ignores Substitution with 24x attack toward them, knocking them back.
Jutsu Data
Jutsu Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 12 Circle Vast Center
Secret Tech. 20 Circle Vast Right
Jutsu Video
Status Effects
Self Support
Enemy Icon-Knockback.png F/B Skill Icon-Heart Attack Boost.png Icon-Attack Boost.png
Jutsu Icon-Ignore Substitution.png Icon-Remove Perfect Dodge.png Icon-Remove Attack Boost.png Icon-Remove Barrier.png Sync Skill Icon-Nullify Jutsu Sealing.png Icon-Attack Boost.png Icon-Health Recovery.png Icon-Reduce Damage-Body.png
How to Obtain Additional Information
Awaken Card-0659.png N/A
Extra Effect(s)
Super Impact! Farewell to the Past Banner.png 2x Health Boost

Ninjutsu: 1.5x Damage Multiplier Boost

Secret Technique: 1.5x Damage Multiplier Boost

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Arrow-Left.png Card-0659.png
Card-0661.png Arrow-Right.png
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