These are characters whose Ninjutsu or Secret Techniques will deal neutral damage against an element they are weak against.

List of characters

Ninjutsu only

Card-0419 Card-0540 Card-0583 Card-0678 Card-0747 Card-2014

Card-0541 Card-0679 Card-0748 Card-0786 Card-0890 Card-2028

Secret Technique only

Card-0334 Card-0469 Card-0594 Card-0607 Card-0647 Card-0662 Card-0673 Card-0683 Card-0711 Card-0781 Card-0789 Card-0847 Card-0857 Card-2037

Card-0455 Card-0790

Card-0673 Card-0781 Card-2037:Missions only
Card-0790:Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Both Ninjutsu and Secret Technique

Card-0420 Card-0584 Card-2015
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