Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Wikia
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Wikia
Obito Uchiha
"Into Total Darkness"
Release Date
Japan icon.png Japan Global icon.png Global
August 28, 2018 September 4, 2018
No. Element Rarity Max Level
671 Heart icon.png ★★★★★★ 100
Range Luck Cost
Mid 10 → 99 80 → 40
Affiliation Hit Count
Uchiha Clan icon.png 1
Stat Base Max + Value + Abilities
Icon Health.png Health 727 1454 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 672 1344 (+ 100) (+ 200)
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Icon Health.png Health 20356 40712 (+ 300) (+ 0)
Icon Strength.png Strength 1478 2957 (+ 100) (+ 200)
Icon Speed.png Speed 128 255 (+ 30) (+ 0)
F/B Skills
Field Skill Buddy Skill
Reduces enemy's chance of substitution by 20%-25%. 15% chance of dodging an attack.
Sync Skills
1 Sync With Heart Reduces Body damage taken by 25%.
2 Sync With Uchiha Clan Reduces Skill damage taken by 25%.
1 Ability Attack-Boost.png Attack Boost Boosts attack by 200.
2 Ability Status Ailments-Boost.png Status Ailment Rate Boost Boosts the rate of status ailments by 10%.
3 Ability Substitution Jutsu.png Substitution Jutsu 20% chance of dodging a physical attack (Not slip damage).
4 Ability Ninjutsu Chakra Consumption-Erase.png 0 Chakra Req'd for Ninjutsu 15% chance to reduce chakra consumed by Ninjutsu to 0.
5 Ability Chakra Recovery-Damage.png Chakra Recovery When Receiving Direct Attacks 5% chance of restoring 1 Chakra Gauge when receiving direct attacks.
Ninjutsu: Wood Style: Charging Lance
Missions 5x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range and knocks them back. Chakra Required: 4
NWUS 7.2x attack toward 1 enemy(s) in range, knocking them back with a 60% chance of chakra recovery sealing for 3 turn(s). Also reduces their Chakra Gauge by 2 and rolls back targeted enemies' Speed gauge.
Secret Technique: Wood Style: Hellish Chaos
Missions 13x attack toward all enemies in range and knocks them back. 50% chance of jutsu sealing for 2 turn(s). Chakra Required: 8
NWUS 12x attack toward all enemies in range, knocks them back, and reduces their Chakra Gauge by 2.
Jutsu Data
Jutsu Hit Count Shape Range Position
Ninjutsu 8 H. Rectangle Long Right
Secret Tech. 16 H. Rectangle (2/3) Vast Center
Jutsu Video
Status Effects
Self Support
Enemy Icon-Knockback.png Icon-Chakra Recovery Seal.png Icon-Chakra Reduction.png Icon-Speed Gauge Reduction.png Icon-Jutsu Seal.png F/B Skill Icon-Anticipate Substitution Jutsu.png Icon-Substitution Jutsu.png
Jutsu Sync Skill Icon-Reduce Damage-Body.png Icon-Reduce Damage-Skill.png
How to Obtain Additional Information
Blazing Awaken Card-0670.png N/A
Required Blazing Awakening Materials Blazing Awaken to
Card-1071.png Card-1071.png Card-1070.png Card-1070.png Card-1070.png Card-0670.png
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7 Star (Legend) Rarity.png

Arrow-Left.png Card-0670.png
Card-0672.png Arrow-Right.png
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