A character with a perfect dodge will nullify any physical attack along with being immune to status ailments.


Self Only

Character Max PDs Duration
Card-0407 1 2 turns


2 2 turns

Card-0195 Card-0261 Card-0672

Card-0262 Card-0859

3 turns
Card-0466 3 1 turn
Card-0410 2 turns
Card-0125 Card-0127

Card-0006Card-0020 Card-0024 Card-0026 Card-0027 Card-0028 Card-0029 Card-0030 Card-0036 Card-0037 Card-0038 Card-0098

Card-0007 Card-0021 Card-0099 Card-0156

Card-0157 Card-0285 Card-0517

Card-0286 Card-0673

3 turns
Card-0518 4 3 turns
Card-0467 5 1 turn
Card-0859: Missions only.

Ally(s) Only

Character Affects Max PDs Duration
Card-0279 Card-0280 1 ally 2 3 turns
Card-0663 1 ally 3 3 turns
Card-0663: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only

Self & Allies

Character Max PDs Duration


1 3 turns

Secret Technique

Self Only

Character Max PDs Duration
Card-0779 1 3 turns
Card-0489 2 2 turns
Card-0416 3 turns
Card-0548 4 turns
Card-0305 Card-0679 3 2 turns
Card-0211 Card-0738 Card-0779 Card-0881 3 turns


6 turns
Card-0538 Card-0599 5 3 turns
Card-0410 4 turns
Card-0147Card-2007 6 3 turns
Card-0662 10 1 turn
Card-0779 Card-2007: Missions only.
Card-0779: Ninja World Ultimate Showdown only
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