These characters reduce the amount of Bravery-elemental damage their allies receive from an enemy attack.

F/B Skills

Field Skill

Character  % Reduction
Card-0421 5%-10%
Card-0250 Card-0422 10%-15%
Card-0218 15%-20%
Card-0680 Card-0775 Card-0784 Card-0345 20%-25%
Card-0681 Card-0776 Card-0785 25%-30%

Buddy Skill

Character  % Reduction
Card-0421 10%
Card-0422 15%
Card-0048 Card-0291 Card-0446Card-0345 25%
Card-0049 Card-0292 Card-0447 30%

Sync Skills

The characters listed below reduce the amount of Bravery-elemental damage they receive once the required sync skill is activated.

Character  % Reduction
Sync With Akatsuki
Card-0324 20%
Sync With All Except Bravery
Card-0285 Card-0304 Card-0286 Card-0305 10%
Card-0229 Card-0277 Card-0230Card-0278 20%
Sync With All Except Mid Range
Card-0284 20%
Sync With Bravery
Card-0391 Card-0448 15%
Sync With Bravery and Wisdom
Card-0528 Card-0529 15%
Card-0142 Card-0143 Card-0395 20%
Sync With Hidden Leaf
Card-0428 20%
Card-0745 Card-0746 25%
Sync With Long Range
Card-0276 20%
Sync With Mid Range
Card-0472 10%
Card-0435 15%
Sync With Ninja Alliance
Card-0745 Card-0746 25%
Sync With Short Range
Card-0465 Card-0779 15%
Card-0314 20%
Sync With Sound
Card-0228 10%
Sync With Taka
Card-0783 20%
Sync With Wisdom
Card-0261 Card-0352 Card-0360 Card-0517 Card-0262 Card-0345 Card-0353 Card-0361 Card-0518 15%
Card-0237 Card-0291 Card-0335 Card-0346 Card-0364 Card-0370 Card-0429 Card-0238 Card-0292 Card-0336 Card-0347 Card-0365 Card-0371 Card-0430 20%
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