These characters reduce the amount of Skill-elemental damage their allies receive from an enemy attack.

F/B Skills

Field Skill

Character  % Reduction
Card-0400 5%-10%
Card-0210 Card-0251 Card-0271 Card-0293 Card-0401 10%-15%
Card-0606 Card-0211 Card-0252 Card-0272 15%-20%
Card-0302 Card-0607 20%-25%
Card-0695 Card-0760 Card-0303 25%-30%
Card-0696 Card-0761 30%-35%

Buddy Skill

Character  % Reduction
Card-0181 Card-0423 10%
Card-0142 Card-0182 Card-0200 Card-0271 Card-0444 Card-0293 Card-0424 15%
Card-0682 Card-0143 Card-0201 Card-0272 Card-0445 Card-0595 20%
Card-0547 Card-0721 Card-0683 25%
Card-0548 Card-0722 Card-0723 30%

Sync Skills

The characters listed below reduce the amount of Skill-elemental damage they receive once the required sync skill is activated.

Character  % Reduction
Sync With Akatsuki
Card-0818 25%
Sync With All Except Body
Card-0239 Card-0240 10%
Card-0213 15%
Sync With All Except Heart
Card-0333 Card-0334 20%
Sync With Body
Card-0466 Card-0823 Card-0467 Card-0824 10%
Card-0425 Card-0646 Card-0426 Card-0499 Card-0647 15%
Card-0251 Card-0252 20%
Card-0797 25%
Sync With Heart
Card-0415 Card-0416 10%
Card-0269 Card-0270 Card-0489 15%
Card-0210 Card-0289 Card-0211 Card-0290 20%
Sync With Hidden Leaf
Card-0207 Card-0397 15%
Card-0256 Card-0445 20%
Sync With Long Range
Card-0412 10%
Sync With Mid Range
Card-0243 20%
sync With Sand
Card-0268 10%
Sync With Short Range
Card-0514 15%
Card-0327 Card-0264 Card-0328 Card-0344 20%
Sync With Skill
Card-0315 Card-0316 20%
Sync With Uchiha Clan
Card-0670 Card-0671 25%
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