Helpful kakashi
  • No fighting, hurting others, execution/talk of illegal conduct (emulation, mods, trading, selling, etc.).
  • Do not spam or abuse the use of Caps Lock.
  • Do not use profanity in ANY context, even if using symbols like * to censor.
  • This wikia is for everyone so use the English language (no shame in using translation).
  • Do not post any type of self promotion on wikia pages or comments.
  • Posting of externally-related content is forbidden on wikia pages and in comments unless given permission from the staff. No direct links to YouTube etc. (file pages are fine). No reason to leave the wikia.
  • Edit/Create official pages as correctly and accurately as you can. Verify when you can.
  • If your comment recieves a "MOD EDIT" note, do not redo the deleted part.
  • Disregard for these rules will result in punishment according to the intensity and frequency of the violation.
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