Field Skill

Character % Rate
Card-0012.png Card-0028.png Card-0029.png Card-0030.png Card-0031.png Card-0036.png Card-0041.png Card-0042.png Card-0043.png Card-0108.png Card-0135.png 5%-10%
Card-0013.png Card-0109.png Card-0064.png Card-0070.png Card-0072.png Card-0078.png Card-0136.png Card-0171.png Card-0189.png 10%-15%
Card-0065.png Card-0071.png Card-0073.png Card-0079.png Card-0172.png Card-0190.png Card-0265.png Card-0341.png Card-0350.png Card-0381.png 15%-20%
Card-0413.png Card-0449.png Card-0488.png Card-0266.png Card-0342.png Card-0351.png Card-0372.png Card-0382.png 20%-25%
Card-0337.png Card-0414.png Card-0450.png Card-0472.png Card-0489.png Card-0519.png 25%-30%
Card-0338.png Card-0536.png 30%-35%

Buddy Skill

Character % Rate
Card-0123.png Card-0126.png 8%
Card-0004.png Card-0020.png Card-0028.png Card-0029.png Card-0030.png Card-0031.png Card-0036.png Card-0041.png Card-0042.png Card-0042.png Card-0043.png 10%
Card-0108.png Card-0005.png Card-0021.png Card-0064.png Card-0070.png Card-0072.png Card-0078.png Card-0076.png Card-0088.png Card-0165.png Card-0171.png Card-0183.png Card-0189.png Card-0381.png 15%
Card-0109.png Card-0046.png Card-0065.png Card-0071.png Card-0073.png Card-0077.png Card-0079.png Card-0089.png Card-0166.png Card-0172.png Card-0184.png Card-0190.png Card-0341.png Card-0413.png Card-0382.png 20%
Card-0434.png Card-0449.png Card-0488.png Card-0047.png Card-0342.png Card-0414.png 25%
Card-0435.png Card-0450.png Card-0472.png Card-0489.png Card-0519.png 30%
Card-0536.png 35%

Sync Skills

The characters listed below reduce the chance they get affected with slip damage once the required sync skill is activated.

Sync With Character % Chance
All Except Wisdom Card-0173.png Card-0174.png 15%
Bravery Card-0519.png 15%
Heart Card-0451.png Card-0452.png 15%
Short Range Card-0546.png 10%
Heart, Skill and Body Card-0342.png 5%
Skill Card-0372.png 10%
Wisdom Card-0472.png 10%
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