Increases Ninjutsu/Secret Technique damage multiplier if the target is affected with a specific status ailment.

Character Normal Multiplier Target Status Ailment New Multiplier
Card-0555.png 3x Health Recovery Seal 4.8x
Card-0764.png 4x Immobilization 7x
Card-0456.png 4.5x 6x
Card-0457.png 5x 6.5x
Card-0496.png 7.2x Jutsu Seal 9.2x
Card-0497.png 8.2x 10.2x
Card-0446.png 3.5x Slip Damage 4.5x
Card-0536.png 5.5x
Card-0447.png 4x 5x
Card-0310.png 8x
Card-0311.png 5x 10x
Card-0680.png 4x Any Status Ailment 5.5x
Card-0681.png 5x 6.5x
Card-2100.png 3.5x Attack Reduction 5x
Card-2101.png 4.5x 6x
Card-0739.png 4x Health Recovery Seal 7x
Card-0740.png 5x 8.5x
Card-0852.png 4.3x Immobilization 5.5x
Card-0853.png 5.3x 6.5x
Card-0707.png 7x 10x
Card-0708.png 9x 14x
Card-0751.png 2.3x Slip Damage 3x
Card-0752.png 2.8x 3.5x
Card-0651.png 4.5x 6x
Card-0792.png 5.5x 7x
Card-0652.png 6x 8x
Card-0793.png 8x 12x
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Card-0680.png 2.5x Any Status Ailment 4x
Card-0681.png 3x 5x
Card-2100.png 2.5x Attack Reduction 4x
Card-2101.png 3.5x 5x
Card-0739.png 3.5x Health Recovery Seal 5x
Card-0740.png 4.5x 6x
Card-0852.png 3x Immobilization 4x
Card-0853.png 4x 5x
Card-0707.png 6x 8x
Card-0708.png 7x 9x
Card-0751.png 2.8x Slip Damage 4x
Card-0752.png 3.3x 4.5x
Card-0651.png 4x 5x
Card-0656.png 4.2x 7x
Card-0792.png 4.7x 5.4x
Card-0652.png 5x 6x
Card-0793.png 6x 7x

Character Normal Multiplier Target Status Ailment New Multiplier
Card-0554.png 5.8x Attack Reduction 8x
Card-0633.png 6x 8x
Card-0609.png 7.6x 9.6x
Card-0347.png 8.5x 11x
Card-0474.png 9x 11x
Card-0550.png 14x
Card-0546.png 6x Immobilization 9x
Card-0580.png 8x 10x
Card-0284.png 10x 16x
Card-0531.png 12x 15x
Card-0481.png 6.5x Jutsu Seal 9x
Card-0443.png 8.5x 10x
Card-0328.png 12x
Card-0574.png 11.5x 13.5x
Card-0605.png 6.5x Slip Damage 8x
Card-0447.png 9x 11.5x
Card-0681.png 16.5x Any Status Ailment 19.5x
Card-0475.png 8.4x Attack Reduction 10.5x
Card-2004.png 10x 14.7x
Card-0575.png 9.5x Slip Damage 12x
Card-0838.png 11x 13x
Card-0833.png 13.5x 15x
Card-0872.png 14.5x 17x
Card-0649.png 11x Immobilization 13x
Card-0853.png 14x 16x
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Card-0681.png 10x Any Status Ailment 13x
Card-2004.png 9x Attack Reduction 10.5x
Card-0475.png 11x
Card-0838.png 8.5x Slip Damage 9.5x
Card-0656.png 10x 12x
Card-0872.png 13x 15x
Card-0853.png 9x Immobilization 10x
Card-0522.png 10.5x 15x
Card-0575.png 14x Switch Seal 16x

Character Normal Multiplier Target Status Ailment New Multiplier
Card-2115.png 14x Slip Damage 18x
Ninja World Ultimate Showdown
Card-2115.png 13x Slip Damage 15x

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