Substitution Jutsu is an effect that gives a character a chance of avoiding a physical attack.

Field Skill

Character  % chance to evade
Card-0229 Card-0459 5%-10%
Card-0377 Card-0462 Card-0230 Card-0448 10%-15%
Card-0378 Card-0463 15%-20%

Buddy Skill

Character  % chance to evade
Card-0267 Card-0631 5%
Card-0229 Card-0251 Card-0253 Card-0255 Card-0354 Card-0373 Card-0383 Card-0394 Card-0629 Card-0453 Card-0669 Card-0268 Card-0459 Card-0632 10%
Card-0427 Card-0508 Card-0621 Card-0685 Card-0230 Card-0252 Card-0254 Card-0256 Card-0355 Card-0374 Card-0384 Card-0395 Card-0448 Card-0454 Card-0630 Card-0670 Card-0455 Card-0671 15%
Card-0540 Card-0627 Card-0710 Card-0724 Card-0428 Card-0509 Card-0622 Card-0686 Card-0687 20%
Card-0541 Card-0628 Card-0711 Card-0725 Card-0542 Card-0726 25%


Character  % chance to evade Duration
Card-0242 10% 4 turns
Card-0459 10 turns
Card-0508 Card-0573 Card-0714 Card-0574 Card-0715 20% 2 turns
Card-0243 5 turns
Card-0509 30% 2 turns

Card-0714 Card-0715: Only effective when playing Missions.

Secret Technique

Both Missions & Ninja World Clash

Character  % chance to evade Duration
Card-0630 10% 4 turns
Card-0702 5 turns
Card-0622 30% 4 turns

Missions Only

Character  % chance to evade Duration
Card-0529 10% 4 turns

Ninja World Clash Only

Character  % chance to evade Duration
Card-0529 10% 2 turns

Sync Skill

Sync With Character  % chance to evade
All Except Wisdom Card-0628 20%
Body Card-0695 Card-0696 10%
Bravery Card-0537 Card-0676 Card-0538 Card-0677 Card-0539 10%
Hidden Leaf Card-0574 Card-0684 Card-0575 15%
Mid Range Card-0622 10%
Mist Card-0629 Card-0630 5%
Short Range Card-0547 Card-0548 10%
Uchiha Clan Card-0576 Card-0577 Card-0578 10%
Card-0568 Card-0524 Card-0569 Card-0525 15%
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