Trigger: Sync when front row is aligned with Taka

Characters containing the Sync Skill

6 Star Rarity
Bravery icon Card-0305
Reduces Wisdom damage taken by 15%.
Wisdom icon Card-0301
Lowers rate of getting jutsu sealed by 15%
(excluding Field Effects and F Skills).
Boosts attack by 50/100.
Reduces Bravery damage taken by 20%.

Compatible Characters

5 Star Rarity
Heart icon Card-0302
Skill icon Card-0362 Card-0419
Body icon Card-0343 Card-0623 Card-0721 Card-2029
Bravery icon Card-0304 Card-0389
Wisdom icon Card-0300 Card-0306 Card-0370 Card-0621
6 Star Rarity
Heart icon Card-0303 Card-0701
Skill icon Card-0363 Card-0420
Body icon Card-0344 Card-0624 Card-0722 Card-2030
Bravery icon Card-0305 Card-0390
Wisdom icon Card-0301 Card-0307 Card-0371 Card-0622 Card-0783
6 Star (BA) Rarity
Body icon Card-0723
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